Prawn rice with salad

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This filling prawn rice with salad can be served as lunch or dinner and takes under 30mins to prepare so is perfect for a quick meal: Ingredients:

-Brown Rice (I go on the basis of 65g per person however you can do more or less dependent on hunger)

-Prawns (You can prepare these youself however I bought a pack of ready prepared ones in Tandoori sauce)





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-Bring water to boil  in a pan and place Brown rice in, then bring down to a simmer and cook for around 25mins

-While the rice is cooking cut up your pepper and prepare the salad

-When the rice has about 5 mins left of cooking add the pepper and peas into the pan and stir

-After 5 mins remove from the hob and stir in the prawns and any sauce they are in

-Serve with the salad and some pepper, enjoy!

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