With the first month of the year done, many people are going back to there old ways and forgetting that #newyearnewme Instagram post they took of them at the gym on January 1st. I admit that this doesn’t apply to everyone and some people are still sipping their protein shakes while making their quinoa salad (we all respect you) but for the average person the new year highs are wearing off and with work, school, and many other things getting back into swing, the empty days we had to plan our meals and go to the gym everyday, are merely memories. Because of this I made a few tips on how to keep yourself healthy without the physical (and mental) strain of a diet or exercise regime.


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With the hectic lives we live we must not forget to be active when we can. This doesn’t necessarily mean going on a daily run or cycle but just doing something to get your heart rate up. This can be as simple as picking up the pace on your walk to the train station (maybe try making a goal i.e. getting there in under 10 mins), taking the stairs at work or at the tube station, or you can even try doing a HIIT workout once or twice a week (here is a one I use), or cycling to work. All of this adds up and just doing 10 minutes of activity a day is better than none.

2. Eat a proper breakfast

With tasks to be done by the next day ( or even in a few hours), it can be easy to forget or not have time to make breakfast. By doing this you make yourself more likely to snack later in the day as you find yourself being more hungry than usual. As a “solution” to this you may find yourself replacing your most important meal of the day with a cereal bar you grabbed from the newsagents on your way to work. Despite being a quick way to get food, it leaves you in the same situation and you would do if you were to just skip breakfast altogether. Because of this meals such as overnight oats (which require minimal effort in the morning), poached eggs (which provide lots of protein protein and are very filling), or even a bowl of porridge, are much better options.

Allada 3. Don’t be hard on yourself

There is no point in setting unrealistic goals or stopping yourself from having a dessert after a Friday meal as this will only make your life more difficult. With no time during the week and weekends being busy, you must remember to treat yourself and not punish yourself for doing so. This will make you be happier and also healthier.

Just because January is over, don’t give up on your goals and let the #newyearnewme ambition live on throughout 2018.


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