Chicken and rice bowl

Chicken and Rice Salad Bowl

cheap ivermectin This easy chicken and rice bowl is perfect for a filling lunch and can be prepared earlier to be eaten on the go:

Ingredients: -60g Brown rice

Quetiapine online order -Chicken (You can prepare your own but I used some ready made sweet chilli chicken)



-Salad leaves


-Bring water to boil in a sauce pan and place your rice in there, then bring down to a simmer.

-While the rice is cooking finely chop your pepper and cucumber.

-Next heat up you chicken following instructions on the pack (if you are having this on the go or have prepared you  own chicken you can skip this step).

-When the rice is finished pour into a bowl (or transportable box) and top with the chicken, cucumber, pepper and a  few salad leaves. Voila!


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