Healthy green smoothie bowl

Healthy Green Smoothie Bowl•-shangri-la-festival-september-8-10-harmony-park-music-garden-mn

Create this customizable healthy green smoothie bowl to have a perfect start to your day:


Svishtov Ingredients:

-Your Favorite smoothie recipe (here is mine):

         -2 handfuls of spinach

         – a few strawberries

         – a few raspberries

         -1/2 of a banana

         -Some peach/nectarine

         -1/4 of an apple or orange

         -1-2 spoonfuls of yogurt

         -1-2 cups of water


-Fruit of choice


where can i buy stromectol Steps:

-Put you ingredients for the smoothie into the blender and blend until desired  thickness

-Pour the smoothie into a bowl and sprinkle with muesli and fruit

-(For extra efficiency put the fruit for a smoothie in a seal-able freezer bag the  night before and freeze overnight)



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