Rice stuffed Avocado

Rice Stuffed Avocado

purchase Quetiapine no prescription cheap This easy avocado recipe can be eaten as dinner or even lunch and take under 30 mins to prepare so why not try it out? :

Ingredients (serves 1):

important link -1/2 an avocado

Vigevano -30g Brown rice

-Red pepper


-A spoonful of tomato past sauce or puree

-Cherry tomatoes


-Bring water to boil in a saucepan the add the rice and bring down to a simmer for 25 mins.

-While the rice is boiling cut your avo in half and remove some of the flesh to create space for the rice.

-Begin to chop some of the carrot and pepper into small cubes and cut a few cherry tomatoes in half.

-When the rice has 5 mins left add the carrot and pepper and slowly stir.

-After the 25 mins drain out the water and stir in your tomato sauce and any excess avo you took out earlier.

-When combined carefully spoon the rice into the avo. Any excess rice can be served on the side.

-Place the cherry tomatoes around the avocado and enjoy!


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