Simple Overnight Oats

Simple Overnight Oats

derogatively This simple overnight oats recipe provides the perfect start to the day. It is super easy and quick to make and means you have a hassle free morning!:

Ingredients: -Muesli -Almond milk (or normal milk if you prefer)

-Yogurt (for this I used strawberry 0% fat but you can use what ever you want)

-Some fruit


-In the bottom of your cup or small bowl create a small layer of muesli.

-Add just enough milk to the muesli so that it soaks in but doesn’t sit on top.

-Add a layer of yogurt on top and repeat the process once more with thinner layers and without the milk.

-Finish with a final sprinkle of muesli and a few dabs of yogurt.

-Cover with clingfilm and place in the fridge overnight.

-In the morning sprinkle some fruit on the top and then stir to combine everything. Enjoy!


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